There is a WLFM forum?

And only Wilmer, me, and Micah have registered.


But here are a few pictures that I've neglected to put up:


my computer is broken

I can't log on to the internet from my computer, and I haven't gotten around to flashdriving pictures of the campus center on to Micah's computer in order to post them on here. Although, maybe Joy and Ana saw it already in person (should I address you directly in the post?). And also, in blog news, I can't edit the size of my blog picture because of the computer problems. At this point, it is kind of embarrassing to take it in to ITS, but I will do it after the weekend.
My radio show begins tomorrow night, and it's no longer called Maggot Music because it was starting to creep me out. Now, I am Maggle Music.


Nothing is going to fit.

I bought a chair: http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/S89825201
Right now, it is in Micah's trunk, but it probably won't stay there, and it probably won't even make it into the car at the rate that I'm stuffing non-essential things into bulging bags. The problem is that we have a lot of trinkets between us but not enough to warrant parent accompaniment. We'll be back in the city on October 2nd, yet I still don't want to make any sacrifices. So, I think that I will unpack and repack until everything is smaller. Yes, that sounds boring.
What is even more boring and worth a mention because of it (I guess) is our new toilet. It has a water saving flush function, and when I reminded my mom of it, she called me an ecologist which I don't think is exactly the right word she wanted.


I've run out of words.

And this is mainly because I am tired of working at a computer all day and staring at the same 30 page application, memorizing the fax number to the Registrar at Argosy University, and waiting for the NPDB reports to come back.

There are about 5 things that I've learned all summer:
-Faxes usually have cover sheets, and it is unnecessary to file them but my predecesor did it anyways.
-Psychiatrists are worse at filling out mandatory fields in applications than therapists, counselors, and social workers.
-I hate redundant data entry more than anything in the world.
-People love to tell me that I shouldn't complain because "at least [I'm] getting paid."
-Greasy pizza really can lead to rapid weight gain.

I can't wait to get back to my real jobs.
And I am taking the day off tomorrow.




The Best Thing I Read in ANY College Guide

On Vassar,
"If forced to pin down a stereotype, one might try one or all of: 'hippie, style conscious, smart, left wing, idealist, East-Village-y.' Less generous characterizations call students 'white, rich kids with holes in their clothes.'"

Incidentally, this is exactly what I was writing about exactly three years ago on xanga.


"Year One" and "Whatever Works" and "Food, Inc" and "Away We Go"

I don't want to keep writing about the films I've been going to see, but it's probably the only thing Micah and I have been doing that is at all worth writing about. Unless, of course, there is some interest in a play-by-play of yesterday's most disorganized water fight, or the delicious pizza we had after that.

But I want to record my impressions of these films. I skipped Away We Go when it came to blog posts because I liked it and felt that there was nothing more to say. But I still don't like Dave Eggers, and it's important to know why. But I don't know why. So, I'll leave it at that.

Year One- Did anybody else see the clear Apocalypto spoof throughout? The hunt at the beginning? The capture of the entire village? Slavery in a big city? Religious sacrifice? In any case, it was one of the few things worth paying attention to even thought it wasn't particularly well-done.

Food, Inc- Predictably, it made me want to change my eating habits, but I am a coward. I also don't have the means to do as much as I would like to. And also, it's hard to give up things like Cheez-its because they seem harmless, but they're not. And, the biggest message that the film conveyed was that you can hardly get away from the McDonalds of the world if you don't grow all of your own food because big fast food chains are also big buyers of produce which means that they control the market. I'm not making myself very easy to follow, but the point is that evn lettuce that we buy is McDonald's-controlled lettuce in a way.

Whatever Works- Larry David doesn't act. He plays Larry David with Woody Allen's preoccupations. All other parts are enjoyable.


I ate healthier food in Downer

Today, I had a bagel slathered in butter, half a mug of juice, and a bowl of ramen. For dinner, I might eat a hot pocket.
Yesterday wasn't any better.


"The Hangover"

# 126 on IMDB's Top 200. Reviewers on the website describe it as "truly, hilariously, funny" and "The tale of how three friends tries to find the lost groom before his wedding after their crazy night in Las Vegas. The movie gets funny from the Las Vegas part right till the end. There is hilarious stuff in every other scene. Not to be missed, one of the best comedy of 2009."

But ALL OF THIS IS A LIE. There are barely words that can describe my distaste for the people in that theater who laughed uproariously at the most disgusting and stupid things for over an hour and a half. In the film, Phil (played by a greasy Bradley Cooper) sets out to give his friend Doug the best bachelor party on the face of the planet by taking him to Las Vegas. We know from the first scene that the night has gone horribly wrong because Phil is calling Doug's fiance to fess up to something. The rest of the film takes place as one long flashback that skips the actual bachelor party bit in order to mimic the effects of a certain drug (a Forget-Me-Now if you will) which forces the characters to piece together the events that led up to Doug's disappearance. That's it. And in the end, the men are rewarded for their behaviors in a number of ways- I think I'll just go ahead and spoil it. Stu (Ed Helms) gets the courage to stand up to his controlling girlfriend, Alan (Zach Galifianakis) gains partial acceptance from Phil who after a night of debauchery funded by money stolen from his elementary school students gets to come home to a loving wife and son while Doug is forgiven at the altar for being sunburned and late to his wedding with absolutely no explanation. Everything about the wrap-up scene at the end smells of the horrors of Broland. It is okay to break up with your girlfriend if she doesn't want you to marry a stripper. It is okay to steal from kids to pay for gambling and strippers as long as you cover your own child's ears when a friend swears. The bachelor party is a man's due payment for putting up with marriage for the rest of his life. That logic is not once challenged throughout this film because every problem is solved through the ingenuity of the alpha male who has all the answers. They even win a total of over 160,000 dollars in the course of less than 48 hours! Perfect night, bros.

This, of course, just barely scratches the surface of what is wrong with the entire set up of this comedy. After Doug, Phil, Alan, and Stu take their first shot of Jager where one of the characters says, "this reminds me of college." I find it hard to believe that these guys ever left.

I'll just leave you with the memorable quotes page from IMDB:



Good morning friends scattered in the Midwest. And kind of the East if you don't count Michigan as part of the Midwest which maybe I don't.

I got a new watchband, and the man who helped me at the swatch store was okay if not a little pushy, and I tricked Micah into walking all the way to his house from the Penguin Store, but it ended up being worse for me because I had terrible walking shoes on.

On a completely unrelated note, Star Trek was great. It renewed my interest in science fiction films which is probably something that wasn't diminished in the first place. There was a line in it though that was either unnecessary or poorly acted. The woman who knows a bunch of languages and works on the Enterprise was part of a discussion of what was happening with Nero (the bad guy), and either Kirk or Spock were explaining why he thought Romulus (his home planet) was destroyed, and at the end she gasped and said, "An alternate reality."

I promise I will be more interesting in the next posts.