It has been quite some time.

It turns out that college and tutoring have taken up a huge chunk of my time, and now that I've had a few weeks to settle back in, I' trying to figure out a viable Etsy schedule. Most of that is difficult because my tutoring hours are variable, and I should be working on my honors project (which is about my hazy memories of immigration).
I listed some new photos today that had been sitting around on my computer. Marcin is extremely excited for his first photo sale. It has fired him up to take more.
And here's a treasury I just made for your viewing pleasure.

It felt nice to get back into the swing of treasury-making.
But now I'm off to be an official band photographer.


New Year

I'm having some trouble packing up for school. We're leaving at 10am tomorrow, and I'm not entirely sure that I'm ready. Because it's senior year, I keep checking off things on that list that could be titled "Last Whatevers." This is my last winter term, my last time really packing to go back, my last term tutoring freshman studies. I don't mind feeling nostalgic for these kinds of things, but I do mind feeling inexplicably guilty (?).

-Clothes are packed (except for the already dirty or half-dirty)
-Craft things are almost packed.
-Food is packed, but I'm missing some Polish tea and multivitamin juice. I don't know how I'll get them.
-I don't have anything to put into my backpack?

My January 2011 Car Mix is almost finished, and because the new year seems to be a time of confession and new beginnings, I would like to post the tracklist in an attempt to make myself think about my place as a music consumer and distributor of something like musical recommendations. There's an essay kind of about this in Chuck Klosterman's book Eating the Dinosaur, but I'll save that train of thought for my book review.

Beirut- Mount Wroclai (Idle Days)
Liam Finn- Second Chances
Manchester Orchestra- Wolves at Night (Acoustic and Live)
Yeasayer- Final Path
Iron & Wine- Woman King
Kurt Vile- Breathin Out
Modest Mouse- Bukowski
Duran Duran- The Chauffeur
Arcade Fire- Ready to Start
Freelance Whales- Broken Horse
Foals- What Remains
The National- England
Liars- Proud Evolution
Wolf Parade- What Did My Lover Say? (It Always Had To Go This Way)
Bad Books- Baby Shoes

It's short because most of these songs are a little longer. Also, my other two or three possibilities don't match these songs in tone. And now I have officially committed to this song order. Time to finish up.