Good morning friends scattered in the Midwest. And kind of the East if you don't count Michigan as part of the Midwest which maybe I don't.

I got a new watchband, and the man who helped me at the swatch store was okay if not a little pushy, and I tricked Micah into walking all the way to his house from the Penguin Store, but it ended up being worse for me because I had terrible walking shoes on.

On a completely unrelated note, Star Trek was great. It renewed my interest in science fiction films which is probably something that wasn't diminished in the first place. There was a line in it though that was either unnecessary or poorly acted. The woman who knows a bunch of languages and works on the Enterprise was part of a discussion of what was happening with Nero (the bad guy), and either Kirk or Spock were explaining why he thought Romulus (his home planet) was destroyed, and at the end she gasped and said, "An alternate reality."

I promise I will be more interesting in the next posts.

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