my computer is broken

I can't log on to the internet from my computer, and I haven't gotten around to flashdriving pictures of the campus center on to Micah's computer in order to post them on here. Although, maybe Joy and Ana saw it already in person (should I address you directly in the post?). And also, in blog news, I can't edit the size of my blog picture because of the computer problems. At this point, it is kind of embarrassing to take it in to ITS, but I will do it after the weekend.
My radio show begins tomorrow night, and it's no longer called Maggot Music because it was starting to creep me out. Now, I am Maggle Music.

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  1. i haven't seen the Campus Center in all its operational glory, though! i'm curious to see what it's like now that it's actually in use. whenever i was inside, it was basically a ghost town, with the exception of student workers and custodians cleaning the place up. it would be neat to see how it looks like in its entirety; i've only been on the first floor and the floor where all the mailboxes/residence life offices are.

    also, i will try and listen to your show as a reason to stay up late every Wednesday night :) if i end up not keeping my class that starts next Thursday, then i will have a legitimate excuse to stay awake past 3 am.