Treasury Philosophy

I make treasuries based on my moods much like probably most people who make treasuries on Etsy. A couple days ago, though, I was in an awful mood. I felt sluggish, it was cloudy, and I didn't want to have anything to do with anyone. And of course, I wanted to make a treasury to reflect that, but I started wondering whether or not sellers would want their items associated with this type of melancholy. As a curator, I suppose that I can sort of use items any way I wish, but I was imagining a pair of my earrings or one of Marcin's photos in a treasury titled "Everyone is an idiot...and I can tell because they buy this stuff." I think I'd be pretty upset. Are treasury curators responsible for the way an item is presented? What do you think?

I ended up toning down the anger in my gray/grey treasury, and I even ended up atoning for my bad mood the next day with a sunnier treasury as if being able to put together sixteen cheerful items could in fact convey that I was in a better mood to the 43 people that had clicked on it so far.

In short, I guess I think a treasury can convey a visual aesthetic goal, but it's difficult to do that without pinpointing the emotion of it, too.

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  1. I wouldn't worry about reflecting your mood through a treasury. Sometimes a cold and sad grouping can creating a beautifully haunting effect.

    This grouping is gorgeous. I am actually not too fond of gold as a color, but this really changes my mind. It has warmth and happiness to it. I always found it interesting that blue is associated with sadness and depression. Robin's egg blue is my favorite color and it makes me so happy. To each his own, I suppose.

    Nice blog! :)