I keep referring to myself as Forever Bald in my Honors Project. It's true that I was bald for a long time. It made my head look bigger than it already was. I'd scan a picture in, but it would only be embarrassing.

In good news, Four Elephants has officially been accepted to Poletsy, a team of Polish sellers living around the globe. It's very exciting to me among those sellers, and to hopefully use that network to convince my aunt who makes beautiful clothes to try her hand on Etsy.

In other, related news, I've got a new treasury up, which I'm really excited about. My second TFTeam treasury of the month, full of items I really wish I could buy. Take a look:

In other other TFTeam news, we are the recipients of an Etsy grant to donate 300 dollars to the Red Cross for Tsunami Relief in Japan. In order to promote and get more people involved, we'll be donating items to a giveaway treasury that will be up soon. Keep an eye out for that.

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